The accused studio director in Yang Ye-Won’s sexual harassment case countersued the YouTuber for false allegations and defamation.

On May 20, Seoul Western district Prosecutors’ Office reported that the legal representative of the director, known as A, filed a lawsuit against Yang Ye-Won for false allegations and defamation.

Regarding the accusations, A said, “What Yang Ye-Won said was not true. She has exaggerated too much.” They continued, “I have never forced myself or sexually harassed her. She participated in total of 13 photo sessions with us, and even asked for more. In addition, she came back to us for two more sessions in February, 2016.”

Previously, Yang Ye-Won confessed through her YouTube Channel that she was a victim of sexual crime. She accused a studio for forcing herself into rather inappropriate pictorials, and even leaked the pictures afterwards.

After she posted the video, she received much support from all over the country, including singer/actress Suzy. However, the studio started stating their rebuttal, saying Yang Ye-Won was spreading false rumors. Furthermore, they released the messages exchanged between the YouTuber and the studio, claiming Yang Ye-Won clearly knew what she was doing.

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Translated by Dasol Kim