Girls’ Generation’s Yoona joins as a part-time worker for the second season.

Image source – SM Entertainment

A JTBC official said on January 8 that “Yoona is going to be the new part-time worker on ‘Hyori’s Bed & Breakfast 2’. We have not begun filming yet.”

In season one of “Hyori’s Bed & Breakfast,” singer IU took the role of the part-time worker. In that position, IU was praised for her sincerity. However, due to her role in an upcoming drama, she is unable to reprise her role in the show. Since this news came to light, who JTBC would choose as her successor was a point of interest.

“Hyori’s Bed & Breakfast” is a reality program set in Lee Hyori and Lee Sang-soon’s home on Jeju Island. The couple’s home is converted into a Bed & Breakfast where a range of different people stay. Moreover, it is the interaction of the Lee couple and IU with the guests that gave character and emotional impact to the show.


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