On March 20, the Seoul Central District Court issued a summary order to Yoon Kye-sang for driving an illegally tuned vehicle. As a result, Yoon Kye-sang received a fine of 500,000 Won (500 in USD).

The court issues a summary order when it makes a decision without issuing a legal opinion, in relatively trivial cases. It can lead to a formal trial if they don’t obey the summary order.

In November 2017, a ‘Car-parazzi’ reported that Yoon Kye-sang was driving an illegally-tuned vehicle in Seocho District, Seoul. The vehicle was illegal because it had tires wider than the car’s width. However, they later discovered that Yoon’s agency owned the previously mentioned vehicle.

According to the Automobile Management Act, one must get a permission from the mayor or a district officer to tune a car. If one violates the regulations, they can receive a sentence up to 1 year jail time or fine of 10 million won.

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Translated by Dasol Kim