Capture of ‘Law of the Jungle’

Yook Sung-jae revealed that Kim Sae-jung saved his life.

On the 31st’ episode of SBS ‘Law of the Jungle’, Byungman and other members showed a variety of ways to survive in the island of Sumatra. Sungjae and Saejung followed Byungman to a nearby island to go hunting.

While the crew were moving by swimming, the tidal current suddenly became stronger. While Byungman was shouting to Sung-jae and Sae-jung who were being carried away by the tide, Saejung dragged Sungjae, who was poor at swimming.

Sungjae said, “Saejung saved my life. She pulled me with so much power. Now I know why they call her ‘God Saejung'”. Saejung also laughed and said, “I just literally dragged him because he kept getting carried away”.


Original article 
by Lee Ji-young

Translated by Audrey Joung