Yoo Hee-yul showed his affection for IU on ‘Happy Together 3’.

On the KBS show’s episode on the 4th, music label ‘Antenna Music”s artists appeared as guests, which included Yoo Hee-yul, Jung Jae-hyung, Peppertones’ Shin Jae-pyung and Lee Jang-won, Jung Seung-hwan, Sam Kim, Gwon Jin-ah, and Lee Jin-ah. This week’s episode had the highest number of guests in the history of the show.

While Yoo Hee-yul was talking about Sam Kim and IU’s collaboration, he was asked if there is any plan to recruit IU to the company.

Jung Jae-hyung answered, “I don’t think it’s possible even if he sells the whole company building” and laughed.

Yoo Hyul-said, “If IU is thinking about moving to another company, I can change the company name to ‘IU Music’.”


Original article
by Jo Kyung-yi

Translated by Audrey Joung