On April 10, entertainer Yoo Byung-jae complimented tvN’s drama ‘My Mister’ on the official Yoo Byung-jae fan page. After many comments criticizing him for praising such a controversial drama, Yoo Byung-jae posted an apology.

On April 10, Yoo Byung-jae titled his post “Who is watching tvN’s ‘My Mister?'” and wrote his positive thoughts regarding the screenplay of the drama. In the post, he said, “how can someone make this good of a drama? I wish I could write a screenplay and lines like this. I’m excited for Wednesdays and Thursdays now.”

However, this post soon raised a huge argument among users of the website. Some mentioned the apparent violence and gender inequality in the drama and asked if Yoo Byung-jae was, in anyway, “trying to justify the problems in the drama.”

Yoo Byung-jae only made things worse when he said, “if I’m not allowed to say as little as this post, content creators will be restricted and lonely.”

On April 11, Yoo Byung-jae posted an apology regarding his previous post.

This was rather a surprising move on him, since he seemed like he wasn’t backing out the night before. In the official apology, he said, “I did not realize my simple taste in literature was a dangerous reality for some of you. I got to think about gender equality through this mistake and whether I’ve been unconsciously taking advantage of the power I didn’t know I had as a man. And maybe it allowed me to perceive the world with more ease than others.” He continued, “I thought I was doing well with trying to learn more things, but I realized I still lack so much. I won’t let you down again.”

Meanwhile, tvN’s ‘My Mister’ ran into a controversy when it aired an episode of Lee Ji-an (IU) getting physically abused by her loan shark, Gwang-il (Jang Ki-yong). This outraged many audience, who argued that this violence scene was unnecessary and aired without appropriate filtering.

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Translated by Dasol Kim