tvN’s new Fri-Sat drama ‘Chicago Typewriter’ (script by Jin Soo-wan, directed by Kim Chul-kyu) is set to air on April 7th (Fri) 8PM KST.

‘Chicago Typewriter’ is a mystery/romance drama revolving around Han Se-joo, a bestseller author who is going through a slump, ghostwriter Yoo Jinoh, literature maniac Jun-sul who changed from a fan of Han Se-joo to his hater, and a mysterious old typewriter.

Expectations are high towards this drama especially because the scriptwriter is Jin Soo-wan, who had wrote ‘The Moon Embracing The Sun’ and ‘Kill Me Heal Me.’ Director Kim Chul-kyu is famous for his delicate cinematography skills in ‘On The Way To The Airport,’ ‘Emergency Couple,’ and ‘Hwang Jini.’

The main cast, Yoo Ah-in, Im Soo-jung, and Go Kyung-pyo, is also an important factor in setting expectations high for this upcoming drama. Yoo Ah-in will act as a sensitive and genius author Han Se-joo. All his works has been successful but he suddenly falls into a slump and fails to write even just one sentence.

Im Soo-jung will act as a literature maniac studying veterinary science “Jun-sul.” She was a huge fan of Han Se-joo but due to an unknown case suddenly changed into his hater. Im Soo-jung will be playing an energetic and lovely character in this drama. Go Kyung-pyo will act as the ghostwriter behind Han Se-joo’s works, Yoo Jinoh. Yoo Jinoh is a mysterious character with only his talented writing skills known.

The teaser for this drama will be revealed this Friday on the 17th.


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Translated by Ellen Kim