YMC Entertainment pleads with fans to stop violating the privacy of Wanna One once again.

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On February 13, Wanna One‘s agency YMC Entertainment issues a public statement on the group’s official social media channels concerning egregious and excessive privacy violations. In the statement, they asked fans to refrain from overzealous actions due to the harm it is causing the members. According to the statement, Wanna One is suffering extreme mental stress due to the illegal acquisition of their personal information by fans.

More, fans are apparently attempting to gain information about the group’s public and private schedules. Further, they are doing this not only by calling the personal phone of Wanna One but by also threatening YMC Employees with fake information, and attaching tracking devices to the group’s vehicles.

Lastly, the agency pleaded with fans for fan’s “cooperation so that the members of Wanna One will not suffer psychological trauma because of the misguided behavior of some fans.”

The full transcript of the statement follows:

This is YMC Entertainment.

We would like to express our sincerest gratitude to Wannable for their generous support and love for Wanna One.

We have made similar announcements several times, but we do advise some fans of the harm they can inflict on Wanna One members be acting excessively.

Recently, there have been some fans who illegally acquired Wanna One members’ personal information and try to contact them day and night preventing them from sleeping. More, it has resulted in the members’ inability to function in their daily life, leading the artists to complain of extreme mental stress.

Please be aware that attempting to contact an artist by phone or sending messages via text and mobile messenger is harmful to one’s daily life. We ask you to stop ruining our artists’ valuable life.

Moreover, threatening and misleading Wanna One’s team or installing a tracking device to interfere with a private schedule can disrupt the artists’ schedule and pose a safety threat.

Thank you for your cooperation so that the members of Wanna One will not suffer psychological trauma because of the misguided behavior of some fans.

Thank you,

YMC Entertainment Dream


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