The new groups from YG to possibly debut in 2018.

Image source: OSEN News

According to a report on November 24, YG Entertainment (YG) has already selected members of its new girl group from about a pool of 50 trainees. Reportedly, production of their debut album is already underway. With this development, some in the music industry believe that YG intends to simultaneously launch both a boy and girl group.

It has been two years since YG launched their last girl group, BLACKPINK, in 2016. Since their debut, the quartet has made their mark in the industry with trendy songs, flashy choreography, and beauty. While BLACKPINK falls into the same vein as YG senior group 2NE1, this new group will allegedly have a completely different concept.

In regards to boy groups, WINNER and iKON made their debut in 2014 and 2015, respectively. WINNER has been a well-liked group since their debut and made a summer comeback that topped charts. Meanwhile, iKON has been busy with activities in Japan.

What is unusual about this launch is the possibility a boy and girl group will debut at the same time. If anything, this new girl group would logically debut in 2019 rather than next year. This is because YG has already formed a boy group that will debut in 2018. The members include Bang Ye-Dam, from “K-Pop Star 2”, dance prodigy Choi Rae-Sung, and Choi Hyun-Seok, currently in competing in “MIXNINE”, are all members.

Whatever the case may be, YG appears to be the first of the “Big 3” to launch the next generation of supergroups. Should the new groups debut next year people are interested to see how they will be received.

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