YG Treasure Box’s final 13 members had the first official schedule as a group.

On February 13, TREASURE13 members had a live broadcast session under the title, “TREASURE13 Special Live.” TREASURE13 is the official name of the group comprised of the final 13 members from “YG Treasure Box.”

The group’s first official schedule has successfully been wrapped up with 1 million and 330 thousand audiences. When the seven TREASURE members, Choi Hyun-seuk, Kim Joon-kyu, Bang Ye-dam, Haruto, Park Jung-woo, Yoon Jae-hyuk, and Soh Jung-hwan took turns to briefly interact with fans, the audience number went over 1.4 million.

TREASURE13 is a group comprising 7 members of TREASURE and 6 members of MAGNUM.


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