YG Entertainment’s new program in partnership with Netflix is set to premiere this week.

YG Entertainment
Image source – YG Entertainment and Netflix

Back on September 22, YG Entertainment (YG) announced that it had partnered with Netflix to produced a new program starring the label’s artists. Now, the show titled “YG Electronics” is set to air this week on October 5.

According to the entertainment label, the eight-episode miniseries “YG Electronics” is short for “YG Strategic Data Headquarters.” In the show, BIG BANG member Seungri pays the chaebol son working to bring the company back to prominence. Reportedly, the program is an “entertainment variety program that combined real characters and events with sitcom fun.”

Additionally, Seungri isn’t the only entertainer featured on the show. According to reports, Yoo Byung-jae, and Sechskies Lee Jai-jin will appear regularly. Likewise, other talent within YG like iKON, Winner, and BlackPink will be guests on the show adding humor and more fun to the mix.



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