Contestants win a date with a top actor if they succeed in this new program.

Image source – OSEN News

YG Entertainment apparent planned this new program, “The Last Bride,” months ago. Structurally, “The Last Bride” is pretty standard: contestants take on a series of challenges and selections to get the final prize. What is interesting about this show is that this is a reality program featuring aspiring actors, rather than musical artists. Additionally, the award is also rather unusual: a date with a top actor from YG Entertainment.

Initial reports indicated that the show was a survival audition program for actors. However, the PD of the program Choi Hyo-jin, who worked on “Show Me The Money 5,” clarified that it was a dating program. Choi PD mentioned that nothing has been set in stone for the program. Currently, she is designing the dating format for the new show. Further, she said that there is a possibility for entertainers from YG Entertainment and other agencies to participate.

Meanwhile, YG Entertainment is currently gearing up to launch their next idol groups as early as next year. Further, they have recently signed a distribution deal with Genie music.


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