YG Entertainment’s new idol group survival show, “YG TREASURE BOX,” is finally unveiling.

YG Entertainment

Previously, YG Entertainment’s head producer Yang Hyun-suk hinted the new boy group project, “YG TREASURE BOX.” Previous to the survival show’s official launch on November 16, 7 of the total of 29 trainees are unveiled through Naver VLIVE and YouTube.

The unveiled video features seven members in A Group, which include K-Pop Star Season 3’s runner-up, Bang Ye-dam. A Group consists of members who have relatively long training periods. One of the members, Kim Seung-hoon, has been a trainee at YG Entertainment for 9 years.

Following Bang Ye-dam, Kim Hyun-suk, Lee Byung-gon, Kim Jun-kyu, Kim Seung-hoon, Kim Do-hyung, and Lee Mi-dam are introduced in the video. Among them, Kim Hyun-suk and Lee Byung-gon previously made television appearances in “Mix Nine.”

Over four days until November 8, YG Entertainment is to unveil 29 trainees of “YG TREASURE BOX.” Each of the teaser videos contains brief self-introductions and performance videos.

YG Entertainment’s survival shows made the agency’s leading boy groups including Big Bang, Winner, and iKON. The upcoming survival project, which the agency launches for the first time in four years, is thus much anticipated by K-pop fans.

“YG TREASURE BOX” will premiere on November 16.


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