Yang Hyun-suk (YG) kept his promise to bring his ‘pet chicken’ on set.

On SBS  ‘Kpopstar 6”s episode that aired on the 2nd, YG brought his pet chicken named ‘Komungi’ to the set.

During the JYP week before, Park Jin-young showed his cute pet. Then, YG announced he would bring his chicken during the YG week. On the episode, YG kept his promise and brought his chicken. “My daughter had the chicken hatched. We are currently taking care of it in the house. I’ve always been told chickens cry only in the morning, but this chicken cries 24/7”, YG said. “I think I might be the first one to bring a chicken on set”, YG continued.

The sudden appearance of YG’s pet chicken not only surprised the viewers, but also TOP4 participants.


Original article
by Jang Jin-ri

Translated by Audrey Joung