Ye-eun, former member of Wonder Girls, will re-debut in October with a new name and concept.

Yee-un attends event
MBC “Cross Country” production presentation event – OSEN

Ye-eun, who will re-debut as HA:TFELT, plans to return with a solo album in October that will have a R&B concept. Furthermore, the musical change to R&B signifies the transfer from another agency. Amoeba Culture, home of the Dynamic Duo and now HA:TFELT, will release the album.

Ye-eun, like her former member Sunmi and her song “Gashina”, wants to be well received by the public. However, Ye-eun has already proven herself as a competent and liked artist. During her time at JYP Entertainment with Wonder Girls she helped write and compose songs. Furthermore, in 2014 she released her first solo album, ‘Me?’, with seven self-written songs.

After the disbandment of the Wonder Girls in January, Ye-eun has kept herself busy. In addition to preparing for her first album as a solo artist, she also performed at a music festival. Ye-eun performed the official anthem at the World Club Dome EDM festival alongside DJ Le Shuuk.

By O.C