Ye-eun put on a brave face for her first public appearance after being embroiled in her father’s fraud scandal.

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On September 15, Ye-eun attended the “Wonder Woman Festival 2018” hosted at Yonsei University. There, she spoke about her music and encouraged women to lean in, but was careful to not mention her father-related scandal. However, she revealed her true feelings indirectly.

Sharing a conversation she had with singer Sohyang who had said to her “you seem to have rough waves in your life.” In response to this, Ye-eun said to the crowd that she has “learned to surf” and “will continue to ride the waves.”

Image source – Micimpact

According to what she said next, the singer half-expected the festival to be one of those rough waves. “I was worried that people would speak ill of me today,” she revealed. However, to her, this was a challenge like so many others she has experienced as of late. It was one that she had to overcome based on her belief and confidence in herself.

Sharing an anecdote of the power of confidence and self-belief, the singer talked about when she first began to dream of being a singer in high school. At that time, her homeroom teacher Mr. Han told her “all the singer like you are working in nightclubs,” but it did not deter her. “I believe I know best and I am on the right path,” she said.

On another note, Ye-eun who has launched her post-Wonder Girls solo career as HA:TFELT talked about musical expression. “I wanted to make music that could express my feelings of depression or anger. Not the bright, energetic look that people expected of me,” he explained.

Connecting her story to the event at large, the former Wonder Girl spoke directly to the crown where she told the women to continue to be ambitious. Additionally, she encouraged and urged them to express themselves openly and honestly and not to limit themselves because of the “eyes” and expectations of society.



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