Yang Yo-Seob, Jung Seung-Hwan, and Sandeul have joined forces to saving the environment!

On October 9, a source from MBC radio announced that HIGHLIGHT’s Yang Yo-Seob, B1A4’s Sandeul, and Jung Seung-Hwan have collaborated on a track together. The three formed a temporary project group “Fairies” and released a track together.

Image Source – MBC

The three were able to meet one another because of their positions they hold for the MBC radio shows. Yang Yo-Seob is the DJ for the Yang Yo-Seob’s Dreaming Radio and Sandeul is in charge of “Starry Night” show. Jung Seung-Hwan runs a radio show called “Music’s Forest.”

These three DJ’s have joined forces to release a track, which they performed for the first time at the “2018 MBC FM4U Environmental Concert” on October 2. The purpose of the track is to help the public become more aware of the environmental issues and responsible for saving the planet.

Furthermore, famous musicians, including Lee Seung-Hwan, Lee So-Ra, and Roy Kim have participated in the making of the track. The lyrics deliver a message of how everything in the world is connected. Thus, in order for humans to have a prolonged life, we have to save the environment, which is ultimately “connected” to all of us.

At last, all proceeds from the track will go towards a charity run by MBC.

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Translated by Dasol Kim