Yang Se-hyung expressed his longing for Gwanghee, who recently enlisted in the army.

On 2nd, Yang Se-hyung appeared on MBC ‘Section TV’ and shared moments of filming an advertisement.

Yang Se-hyung said, “I am currently in 7 programs. I can’t do more. 7 is also a little too much, but I am having fun with them.”

Also, he mentioned about joining ‘Infinite Challenge’. He said, “I always get nervous when I shoot ‘Infinite Challenge’. Especially now Gwanghee is gone, I don’t think I can fill Gwanghee’s absence and do as good as what he did. He took care of the older members so much.”

He continued, “Also, I feel so much emptiness because he left”.


Original article
by Jung So-young

Translated by Audrey Joung