Yang Hyun-suk revealed one-year plan for YG artists. The plan included comebacks from various artists, such as Winner, BLACKPINK, and Lee Hi.

On March 28 at 11:30 AM, KST, Yang Hyun-suk posted a picture of a music chart that had BIGBANG in 1st place and iKon in 3rd. In the caption below, he said “Winner in April, BLACKPINK in May” and announced the comeback plans for these two groups.

Image Source – Instagram @fromyg

Afterwards, fans started commenting on the post asking for plans for other artists, such as Lee Hi and BIGBANG Seungri. In response, YG selected a few comments and directly wrote his responses.

For a comment asking for Seungri’s comeback, YG answered, “we are aiming for a comeback in the first half of the year.” For Lee Hi’s comeback, YG answered, “we have officially started the recording process.” Furthermore, for Sechs Kies, YG said, “I have ordered the producers to finish the production by the end of this month.” Finally, for iKon, YG commented, “don’t worry. I am fully aware of you iKonic’s worries and thoughts.”

Image Source – Instagram @fromyg

It is a rare thing for a CEO to directly communicate with fans regarding the artists. Lots of attention poured in for Yang Hyun-suk’s honest communication method. YG Entertainment has kicked off to a great start this year with iKon’s ‘Love Scenario’ and ‘Flower Road’ from BIGBANG. We are most certain that other artists will follow the footstep of iKon and BIGBANG, and bring great results to the company as well in the second-quarter.

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Translated by Dasol Kim