Yang Hyun-Suk announces to launch yet another boy group debut project!

On October 29, Yang Hyun-Suk announced that YG Entertainment is currently preparing for the agency’s new boy group debut program. Yang said, “it is a YG-exclusive project that features the debut process of our next boy group. The common thing about BIGBANG, WINNER, and iKon is that they all debuted through our agency’s debut program. This upcoming project is just like one of those.”

Image Source – YG Entertainment

According to Yang, the upcoming program is entitled “YG’s Jewelry Box.” He continued, “the name “YG’s Jewelry Box” came from our fans’ complaints that once YG artists are done with promotions, they are locked in the box of jewels and do not come out very often. It was used negatively by the media, as well.”

He continued, “we currently have many trainees who are covered in sweat of hard work, including the semi-finalist from 2013 SBS “K-Pop Star,” Bang Ye-Dam. As a result, we decided next year is the perfect time to launch a new boy group of YG Entertainment.”

“Through ‘YG’s Jewelry Box,’ we will showcase in total of 29 trainees, composed of 14 to 19 year olds. The qualification lies the same as BLACKPINK. They must possess skills beyond average, and they should also have a star potential with visual attractiveness. We begin the program thinking 5 members as the finalists, but we will have flexibility on that.”

Yang also revealed that the program has already begun filming. He said, “we are expecting the premiere date to be on November 16. We plan to market this program globally through V Live and YouTube.

At last, Yang Hyun-Suk announced that he has no intention of being part of this or any other survival programs.

Yang said, “I have no plans to appear as a judge for this or any other survival programs. Starting with “Super Star K” in 2009 to “MIXNINE” in 2017, I made many great memories with great contestants, who chased after their dreams of becoming a K-Pop star. Now, I have returned to my original spot and plan to focus on YG matters, only.”

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Translated by Dasol Kim