Yang Hyun-Suk has publicly apologized to Chinese fans for the controversial scene from the agency’s exclusive black comedy sitcom, “YG Future Strategy Office.”

Since its premiere, YG and Netflix collaboration sitcom “YG Future Strategy Office” has been under fire for containing wrong information about China. Previously, several Chinese news outlets have pointed out the mistakes, ultimately resulting in Chinese fans criticizing the agency on various social media platforms.

Image Source – Netflix “YG Future Strategy Office,” Instagram @fromyg

One of the episodes in the sitcom features BIGBANG’s Seungri participating in the Chinese version of “Show Me the Money” alongside Jinusean’s Jinu. Accompanying these two artists are two security guards, who are dressed in the traditional Qing Dynasty clothing.

The problem arose when these two security guards are seen captured by the Chinese local police after trying to take some food without permission. While tied down by the rope, the two guards continuously shout, “I’m a pig” in Chinese.

This particular scene, as well as others, especially angered the Chinese fans. Soon, they took it to various social network platforms to criticize YG and “YG Future Strategy Office” for belittling the country. At the end, they demanded an apology from Yang Hyun-Suk.

In response, Yang Hyun-Suk uploaded his apology in both Korean and Chinese on his Instagram. In the apology, Yang said, “we sincerely apologize to our Chinese fans. I have ordered the production staff to correct and delete the scenes containing misinformation. We will be more careful in the future.”

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Translated by Dasol Kim