Despite the rapid weight loss, Song Min-ho asserts he is healthy and strong.

Mino, Song Min-ho
Image source – YG Entertainment

Like most groups preparing for a comeback, the members of YG’s boy group WINNER made a few cosmetic changes. Whereas Jinu (Kim Jin-woo) and Hoony (Lee Seung-hoon) changed their hairstyles, member Mino, real name Song Min-ho, worked to lose 10 kg or 22 lbs.

The tidbit of information was revealed in a recent interview that the group had with MBN news. Talking about this Min-ho said, “since earlier this year I’ve tried to modify my image before WINNER’s comeback.” However, there is more to the weight loss. “I tend to lose weight during while at during the peak of my career. I won’t eat or even sleep because I am so focused (on work).”

Further, given the rapid weight loss, the singer understands that some fans may worry about his health. Still, Min-ho explained that “after losing weight, people around you worried about your health, and ask that you eat more. But after (losing weight) your complexion may look bad, but you are healthy and strong.”

Member Seung-hoon piped in and said, “(he) got a physical checkup and his body age (health) was equivalent to a 17-year-old.” Agreeing with this, Min-ho nodded his head and reiterated that he is healthy despite the sudden weight loss.



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