Park Yoochun has been proven innocent of all alleged sexual assaults. He is finally done with everything, but the process left a huge scar on his acting career. He will soon be discharged from his military service so people are now curious whether he will come back to the entertainment industry or not.

Park Yoochun’s four cases including the sexual assaults were all acquitted on the 13th, marking the end of the 9 month trial.

However, as the case went on, Park had to suffer various rumors and hate comments. It was inevitable that Park’s career will be scarred for life. He had said, “If I am proven to be guilty, I will leave the entertainment industry for good,” emphasizing his innocence.

As a result, he was proven innocent but he isn’t thinking of coming back just yet.

He is planned to be discharged from his service this coming August. His officials stated, “Now isn’t the time to discuss any comebacks yet. Since he caused such controversy he won’t be filming or shooting any movies for a while.” Both Park and the public would need some time before Park will be able to make an appearance to the public.

Park mentioned, “I deeply apologize for all the issues I caused to the society and not being responsible for my actions and deeds. I will use this as an opportunity to reflect on my life as a public figure.”

Park had showed his potential as an actor through the movie ‘Haemoo’ and since he has a strong desire to act, it is expected that he will knock on the doors to the entertainment world soon enough.

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Translated by Ellen Kim