Boy group Wanna One ended their exclusive contract with YMC Entertainment and moved to a startup agency, Swing Entertainment.

On May 31, Wanna One announced the news through their official fan cafe. Swing Entertainment reported, “we are an agency that is created exclusively for Wanna One. The whole staff members at our company will dedicate their time towards Wanna One, only.”

Wanna One and Swing Entertainment signed a contract for 6 months, starting on June 1 to December 31. In addition, Swing Entertainment will take control of the duties that YMC Entertainment originally handled. However, CJ E&M will continue to take control of album production and concerts.

Furthermore, YMC plans to maintain their connections with Swing Entertainment and provide help. Regarding the income distribution, it will divide the same way between CJ E&M, Swing Entertainment, and the group members. However, YMC will no longer receive any payments from the Wanna One’s promotions.

Swing Entertainment also revealed that they plan to recruit other artists after the contract with Wanna One ends. Until the end of 2018, they will solely focus on Wanna One activities.

Meanwhile, despite the changes, Wanna One is still preparing for their upcoming comeback on June 4 with their special album ‘1÷x=1(UNDIVIDED).’

Following is the official statement from Swing Entertainment:

Hello, this is Wanna one’s new agency, Swing Entertainment.

Starting on June 1, Wanna One’s agency will change to Swing Entertainment.

Swing Entertainment is a company established exclusively for Wanna One, and all staff members will dedicate their time only for the group.

In addition, we have decided to maintain our relationship with YMC Entertainment for a smooth transition of tasks.

We promise to put our efforts and fully support Wanna One as they have a world tour and new album promotions ahead of them. We also ask for you to continuously give us your love and support.

Thank you.

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Translated by Dasol Kim