Wanna One speaks their honest opinions about the past “Star Live” incident and corrects all misunderstandings.

On November 15 broadcast of KBS “Happy Together,” Wanna One members mentioned the past “Star Live” incident, where a few members received an accusation of using profanity and calling out on saseng fans.

On March 19, Wanna One members were preparing for the upcoming “Star Live” broadcasting, when a part of their private conversation was transmitted live by accident. The conversation featured a few members expressing their discontent about receiving payment and not getting enough sleep, leading to accusations of using swear words.

At the time, much criticism fell exclusively on Ha Sung-Woon, who was accused of using curse words, repeatedly. Afterwards, his fans requested a scientific analysis from a forensic laboratory, which ultimately relieved the member from the accusation.

Ha Sung-Woon began, “a couple months ago, there was a controversy about one of the live broadcasts we did as a team. People accused me of using profanity and we became the talk of the town altogether. It made me very upset. And I didn’t even get to explain myself.”

He continued, “afterwards, I got to meet my younger sister during the holidays. She told me that because of the controversy, the word that people thought I had said became her nickname. When I heard that, I knew I had to find some way to explain and correct all misunderstanding.”

In support, Lai Kuan-Lin said, “I’m the one who should have received the accusation. I was still working on my pronunciation back then. On top of that, my voice sounded much higher due to excitement. People thought it was Ha Sung-Woon and even though I hadn’t said what was heard by most people, I still felt bad for him.”

Ha Sung-Woon concluded, “it was initially our fault. After this incident, it made us more aware of how we should behave at all time.”

Image Source – KBS “Happy Together”

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Translated by Dasol Kim