Wanna One makes a donation to help those in need!

On July 20, boy group Wanna One made a donation of 100 million won (approximately $90,000) to the Korea Heart Foundation to help patients with heart disease. In return for the public’s love, the group has been participating in different philanthropic activities for each album. For their latest album “1รทฯ‡=1(UNDIVIDED),” they had announced that they would participate in a campaign with the Korea Heart Foundation.

The idea came from the group’s leader Yoon Ji-Sung, who wanted to “create music that moves people’s hearts and shows our support.” Consequently, each member added their own thoughts and ideas, and ultimately created “Heart Light: Turn on the Light of the heart” campaign. Furthermore, they incorporated a segment of choreography from their song “Light” and gained much attention from the public and fans.

Image Source – The Korea Heart Foundation

Furthermore, they announced that Wanna One’s donation will go towards helping approximately 30 patients with heart disease. The group commented, “each member put their sincere mind and effort towards this campaign. And because a lot of you paid much attention and participated in the campaign, this has become more meaningful. It’s not a lot but we hope that our donation can be of help.”

Jo Beom-Goo, the head of the Korea Heart Foundation, said, “we sincerely thank Wanna One for hosting the campaign as well as making such a huge donation. We are certain that the warm messages have been a great help to patients, and we will use the donation to help the patients with financial difficulties.”

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Translated by Dasol Kim