In honor of VIXX 6th anniversary on May 24, Ravi took to Twitter with a series of touching and sincere messages that left fans emotional and thankful.

Shortly after midnight on VIXX member, Ravi wrote ten messages on Twitter. In the posts, the rapper reflected on the boy group, fans, and the six years that they have been together. The post was initially made on VIXX’s official fancafe, but Ravi decided to translate and release it on social media.

Understandably, given that these messages were written directly to fans, many of the recipients grew emotional. Many thanked the rapper for posting in English so that international fans would feel included, while others expressed their love and devotion to the group. Further, some grew very emotional.

Meanwhile, VIXX will be holding a two-day anniversary concert this weekend at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium called “VIXX LIVE LOST FANTASIA.” There, the group is expected to perform some of their hit songs like “Scentist,” “Shangri-La,” and “Chained Up.” Additionally, they have reportedly prepared other special segments that are sure to delight fans.


By O.C