VIXX Ken Wins Award for His Performance in the Musical ‘Hamlet’


Phenomenal vocalist Ken from the boy group VIXX secures an award for his performance in “Hamlet” the musical.

Image source – Instagram

On July 9, VIXX member Ken won the rookie of the year award at the 12th annual Daegu International Musical Festival (DIMF).

Since May, the singer has performed in “Hamlet” in a manner that is being called “perfect character acting.” As a result, at the end of every show, Ken and the cast got a standing ovation, proving the quality of the production.

In his winning speech, the singer remained humble and grateful for the opportunity to appear in the musical. “I am so happy to be on stage as a musical actor” and “honored and delighted to win the rookie award,” he said. Further, he went on to thank the actors, directors, staff members, and the audience who helped him through the performance.

Meanwhile, since making his musical debut in 2015 with “Chess,” Ken has starred in various productions including “Cinderella,” “Titanic,” and more. However, considering that he is recognized as one of the most talented idol singers in the music industry, his crossover to theater almost seems inevitable.



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