Toys, childhood photos, and creative costumes helped create a world of childish fantasy to life at VIXX fifth annual anniversary fan meeting.

Image source – Jellyfish Entertainment

On Sunday evening Jamsil Indoor Arena was filled with rhythmic sounds, sharp dance moves, strong vocals, thousands of fans, and toys.

Their designs were apart of stage props, backdrops, fan goods, and even found on the five members of VIXX. This was the sight at the group’s fifth annual fan meeting with their official fan club called Starlight that had the theme “V Toy Story” for the night.

In addition to dressing up as characters from the similarly named Pixar animation Toy Story, the group created meaningful memories for themselves and fans alike by releasing previously unpublished songs and photos.

In particular, VIXX drew cheers from the crowd when they opened the show with childhood photos. Building upon their opening the group used various costumes and props to reenact notable periods from their youth which included kindergarten uniforms, hanboks, and sports equipment like basketballs.

Some of the more notable segments from the event included a “To Much Informaiton” quiz show where the members answered fans’ burning questions. Additionally, Hyuk, the youngest member in the group, revealed real-life text messages and footage between the members in a video called “Hyukspatch” delighting the audience.

After bringing the energy of the fanmeet up, the members retook the stage in black suits, dispelling the earlier cute theme. In its place, the group replaces it with a darker and more mature aesthetic by performing songs like “Voodoo Doll,” “Light Up the Darkness,” “Trigger,” “Beautiful Killer,” “My Valentine,” and more.

In this run of songs, VIXX surprised fans by singing their unreleased song “Walking” (working titile) for the first time. Written and composed by members N and Ravi, it is a song they describe as coming from the heart and a way to “really thank fans” for their support. “Walking” will be released to the general public on February 1 at 6 p.m.




Translated by O.C