Urban Zakapa’s Jo Hyun-Ah has decided to appear on KBS 2TV’s variety show, ‘Hello Counselor.’

An official from KBS reported that Jo Hyun-Ah will appear on ‘Hello Counselor’ as a guest member. With her upcoming comeback, it seems that Jo Hyun-Ah has started her promotions by appearing on entertainment programs. However, many argue that it is a little too soon for her to make public appearances because her recent scandal with Myname’s Chaejin hasn’t ceased just yet.

This would be her first appearance on TV since the controversy. Whether she will speak about the controversy seems to be the question of the century. Since the program is about listening to people’s concerns and giving advice, the fact that one person with probably the most concerns are appearing, is an irony.

Meanwhile, Jo Hyun-Ah will release her first solo album on April 18. Many are wondering whether she will be able to gain back her reputation, after the controversy that was quite the contrary to her “image.”

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Translated by Dasol Kim