Upcoming film “Miss Baek” starring Han Ji-Min has confirmed to premiere in October!

On August 22, upcoming film “Miss Baek” released a teaser poster that confirmed an October premiere. The poster featured actress Han Ji-Min, who looked rather fiercely with a scar on her face.

Image Source – Little Big Pictures

The upcoming film “Miss Baek” will tell a story about a woman who had become a criminal in the process of protecting herself, and meets a child who looks like her. Afterwards, she declares war against the society in order to protect the child.

Instead of Han’s usual flawless skin and features, the actress looks rather distressed and toughened up in the poster. Furthermore, the statement written on the poster “yes, just call me like that” suggests that instead of accepting the label the society has given her, the character aspires to build her own life with the name she has chosen for herself.

Meanwhile, Han Ji-Min is currently appearing in tvN’s drama “Familiar Wife” portraying a working mother who struggles between her work and family. This upcoming film supposedly features a totally different side of Han Ji-Min, increasing much anticipation from moviegoers.

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Translated by Dasol Kim