UCLA’s student K-pop dance team ‘SEOULA’ is gaining great reactions on their YouTube channel.

On June 3rd, UCLA’s student newspaper Daily Bruin wrote about the team and their excellent performances.

The name ‘SEOULA’ is a combination of Seoul and LA. Most of the team members are Korean students who have lived in the city of Seoul. They used to be in the UCLA club ‘Korean American Student Association’, until they created ‘SEOULA’ in January last year. Among the dancers, there are also non-UCLA students who joined the club with the love of K-pop dance.

Ginny Lee, a third-year student at UCLA studying Psychology, is a co-founder and dance coordinator of SEOULA. “We’re Korean (and) we all have lived in Seoul at least once in our lifetime. We decided to combine Seoul and LA because that’s one of our other identities. We’re just combining two identities together”, Lee said during her interview with Daily Bruin.

Instead of dancing for dance competitions, SEOULA posts videos of their K-pop dance covers on their YouTube channel. Many of their covers are done publicly, which means they dance at crowded locations such as Santa Monica or Venice Beach.

Watch SEOULA’s dance cover of ‘Fake Love’ by BTS.


Original article
by Audrey Joung