Mr. House Husband Season 2

Back in 2014, U-KISS’ member Eli registered marriage with Ji Yeon-soo, who is 11 years old than him. 2 years after they secretly registered marriage, in 2016, the couple announced the birth of their son along with their marriage. The sudden news shocked not only his fans, but also both of their families.

Since then, 4 years have passed and the couple spent those years raising their son, without being able to have a legitimate wedding. However, the couple finally started preparing for wedding with the support from their parents and KBS 2TV  show ‘Mr. House Husband’.

On the 29th’s episode, Eli was shown so surprised and happy seeing his wife in a wedding dress while she was trying on dresses. Eli called his wife angel and princess.

Eli’s sweet expressions for his wife even continued when he was in front of mother. When Eli’s mother said she was pretty pissed that Eli registered marriage without telling, Eli confessed he felt that his wife was “the one”.

Additionally, Eli’s mother showed his love towards her daughter-in-law by giving her own wedding ring to her. Eli’s wife was finally accepted as a daughter-in-law 4 years after their marriage. Eli smiled as he knew that they were finally acknowledged, and Ji Yeon-soo showed tears.

When Eli and Ji Yeon-soo first announced their marriage and having their son, some fans looked at the couple with negative attitude. The reason is because Eli was not only a idol, but also Ji Yeon-soo was much older than him. Yet, since the couple started sharing their life on TV, many fans began showing positive attitude towards the them.

Eli was a responsible breadwinner, and Ji Yeon-soo was a wonderful wife and mother. As a result, the couple has officially been recognized and many fans are cheering for the couple.


Original article
by Kim Eun-ae

Translated by Audrey Joung