Two new Korean dramas are ready to showcase. “Wok of Love” and “Investigation Couple” are joining the Mon/Tue Korean drama line-up.


“Wok of Love” and “Investigation Couple” are to premiere on May 7 and 14 respectively. While “The Miracle We Met” is securing its position on the top, people are paying attention to the new dramas

Previously, “The Miracle We Met” has taken the top position from “Should We Kiss First?” The viewer rating for the first episode recorded 8.2%, with the continuous increase to 9.2% and to 11.2%.

Even though the drama has recorded the highest viewer rating with 11.9% for two days in a row on April 30 and May 1, its position is being threatened with the newly joining dramas. Especially as the reviews are complaining about the repetitive plots, there are enough rooms for the new dramas to take its place.


“Wok of Love,” featuring Jang Hyuk, Lee Jun-ho, and Jung Ryeo-won, is a romantic comedy drama set in a kitchen of a Chinese food restaurant. As the drama is written by Seo Sook-hyang, the writer of “Pasta” and “Don’t Dare to Dream,” people are expecting to see her renowned balance of comedy and romance.


“Investigation Couple” is a genre drama starring Jung Jae-young and Jeong Yu-mi, along with Lee Yi-kyung and Stephanie Lee. A drama drawing processes to solve cases by a forensic doctor and prosecutor duo, “Investigation Couple” is rather a serious drama without focuses on romance.

While people are waiting to find if “The Miracle We Met” is to yield its top position to either of the two new dramas, “Wok of Life” will premier on May 7, and “Investigation Couple” on May 14.


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