A drone fell during a rehearsal for ‘Produce 48,’ causing minor injuries among contestants.

On May 8, several sources revealed that a drone fell during ‘Produce 48’ rehearsal shoot. Two contestants received scratches from the small fragments of the drone when it fell on the ground. Thankfully, the staff members immediately sent the patients to the hospital, and they willingly came back to finish the shooting.

Mnet offered a sincere apology to all contestants and has decided to stop using the drones. They said, “two contestants received minor injuries from the drone incident. Thus, we have decided to no longer use drones for safety issues. We will also be more careful regarding the safety on the set from now on.”

Meanwhile, ‘Produce 48’ will premiere in mid-June, with Lee Seung-Gi as their host. In addition, Lee Hong-Ki from FT Island, Soyou from SISTAR, Cheetah, and Bae Yoon-Jung will appear as vocal, rap, and dance trainers.

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Translated by Dasol Kim