TVXQ’s Yunho and Son Ho-Jun in action to use their influence for a great cause!

For the past few months, actors Son Ho-Jun and Yoo Yeon-Seok hosted a “funation” (fun+donation) event called “Coffee Friends,” in which they raise donation money by giving out free cups of coffee.

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When Yoo Yeon-Seok couldn’t participate in the event due to his busy filming schedule for tvN’s upcoming drama “Mr. Sunshine” on June 30, TVXQ’s Yunho stepped in to help out his friend, Son Ho-Jun.

The “Coffee Friends” donation event started in March, with the latest event on June 30 as their 4th time operating the coffee truck. Even with the bad weather, many civilians participated in the event to raise donation money.

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During these events, Son Ho-Jun operates the coffee truck and distributes the coffee himself. With his best friends by his side, these actors are using their power of influence for a great cause. Furthermore, Son Ho-Jun even acquired a barista certification solely for the purpose of hosting this event.

Prior to the event, Son Ho-Jun promised to “hold this event once a month until the end of this year,” which he has kept so far. With this “funation” event, it allows the public to both meet their celebrities and easily donate money for a good cause.

After the event on June 30, Son said, “thanks for your participation despite the poor weather. I also want to thank my Yunho who came out to help me in midst of busy schedule. I will give my fullest effort until the time I promised is up! Thank you, everyone.”

In addition, Yunho also shared, “we were able to complete today’s donation event with success because of your generosity. I was worried about the weather even before the event started, but we did it! Thank you!”

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