tvN’s “Youn’s Kitchen” is wrapping up its season. On March 9 broadcast of ‘Youn’s Kitchen,’ the restaurant opened for their last day in Garachico, Spain.

The night before their last day, citizens of Garachico paid a last visit to the restaurant. This included the florist and souvenir store family, who filled up the space completely. Every single one of them complimented the restaurant for its food and the decorations. “The restaurant is so pretty, everything about the food is amazing! Should we order dessert?” said the customers while repeatedly shouting ‘amazing!’

Customers from Denmark and Belgium were in awe when they found out Park Seo-joon was a famous actor in Korea. When they saw the number of Park Seo-joon’s Instagram followers, they exclaimed, “the population of Denmark is 5 million, and you have 4.4 million followers.”

As the restaurant opened for their last day, the Danish and Belgian couple was the first ones to show up. They ordered and enjoyed Kimchi-buchimgae (Kimchi Pancake), Korean fried chicken, Galbi (Korean grilled ribs), and Kimchi fried rice.

Other customers who came to make a reservation were shocked when they were told it was the last day of the restaurant. The sudden flow of customers was due to the restaurant making the front page of the Tenerife local newspaper.

A Belgium customer jokingly said to Lee Seo-jin, “you are staying here forever, right?”

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Translated by Dasol Kim