Despite the courts ruling in favor of Jun Hyo-Seong, TS Entertainment continues to appeal for their case.

On November 16, TS Entertainment announced their intention to appeal for the case about the validity of their exclusive contract with Jun Hyo-Seong. Despite the courts ruling in favor of the artist on November 14, the agency continues to appeal for their innocence.

The company said, “it is true that the courts confirmed the invalidity of the contract between us and Jun Hyo-Seong. However, the courts also ruled that we were not guilty of violating the contract by transferring the management rights to a third party without Jun’s consent. Therefore, we will make second appeal to the case with our legal representative.”

Two days prior, the two parties gathered at the Seoul Western District Court for a hearing, when the judge ruled in favor of the artist. At the end, the court had confirmed the invalidity of Jun Hyo-Seong’s exclusive contract with TS Entertainment, finally freeing the artist from all ties to the company.

Earlier this year, the singer announced her departure from both TS Entertainment and Secret. At the time, the artist revealed that she had filed the lawsuit to void her exclusive contract with TS Entertainment in September, 2017.

The artist provided multiple reasons for the dispute, which included not receiving proper payment for her activities since 2015. Moreover, Jun argued that the agency transferred the management rights to another party without her consent, which was a clear violation of their contract.

Meanwhile, Jun Hyo-Seong recently signed with a new agency despite the ongoing battle with TS. On October 29, Tommy & Partners Entertainment reported, “Jun Hyo-Seong, while searching for a new agency to return to the industry, signed an exclusive contract with Tommy & Partners Entertainment.”

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Translated by Dasol Kim