Trans-sexual celebrity Harisu and beauty creator Kim Ki-soo appeared on an episode of MBC Every1’s ‘Radio Star’ and shared their thoughts on recent events.

Photo taken from ‘Video Star’

Harisu and Kim Ki-soo, along with Gilgun, Nancy Lang and Jang Moon-bok featured as guests on an episode of ‘Video Star’.

Harisu’s appearance on the show marked her first comeback in seven years. On the show, the celebrity talked openly about plastic surgery allegations and misunderstandings, and revealed parts she actually had surgery on.

She shared her true feelings on divorcing Micky Jung after 10 years of marriage. “We still get along and stay in touch,” she said. The celebrity revealed the real reason for her divorce and took time during the show to leave a heartfelt message for her ex-husband.

In the same episode, Kim Ki-soo talked about his past sexual harassment lawsuit and the mental and the emotional distress it caused him. He talked about developing sociophobia and hemiparalysis, and being unable to come out of his room for two days even after he was found innocent. The then-comedian struggled to confide in his mother, who was anticipating his quick return to the entertainment industry. He even shared a story of when he sold a gold watch in order to scrape out a living for himself.

Now, as a beauty creator on YouTube with 70 million views, the comedian-turned-beauty-guru is gaining much attention from netizens for his beauty tips. Stay tuned for the show to find out more.

The episode is expected to air on August 1st at 8:30PM (Korea time) on MBC Every1 ‘Video Star’.


Original article
by Yoo Ji-hae

Translated by Janet Kang