Tiffany posed for a mid-summer Christmas pictures in Los Angeles and shared details about her daily life.

Tiffany SNSD Los Angeles
Pictures courtesy of CéCi Magazine

In a November 17 interview with CéCi Magazine Tiffany revealed what life is like after leaving SM Entertainment and Girls’ Generation. Now living in Los Angeles, Tiffany says she is just a normal student. “I have acting lessons, snack, and drink coffee everyday” she said.

CéCi Magazine

Tiffany was a member of sensational K-pop group, Girls’ Generation, for 10 years. After deciding to leave the group to pursue acting earlier this year, she reveals that there have some difficulties. “I have done everything I dreamed of with my members, and now I am in the process of creating another Tiffany”, she explained.

CéCi Magazine

However, she has decided not to fret over the journey she has ahead of her. ” I will practice acting instead of wasting time worrying” she said.

CéCi Magazine

Tiffany also took some time to reminisce about her dream of acting. ” When I was a child I would imagine acting in Hollywood. When I remember that I become very excited.” Tiffany also revealed that learning acting has changed the way she feels. “I feel more confident and better. I am so excited to learn as much as I can here. Of course, it is difficult, but I love it so much” she said.

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Original article by CéCi Magazine

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