The Hidden, Beautiful Poem in JJ Project’s Track Cards


The track cards released by JJ Project for their second studio album, ‘Verse 2’, contained narratives voiced by JB and Jinyoung that were both mysterious and poetic. Until the album is released on July 31 we will not know if these lines are in the actual songs, or just a manner of referencing to them.

Once pieced together the track cards become a beautiful and tragic poem that pulls at the heart strings. Perhaps there is a hidden message in these line. What do you think?

Check it out below.

When the emptiness passes, the chilled wind blows, when
the longing passes, the spring rains come down [Coming Home]
Today, too, I continuously answer questions that I don’t have
the answer to — even though I’m not confident [Tomorrow, Today]
That light keeps shining on me, exposing a dark side of me. Sad, but
pretending not to be. Hurt, but pretending not to be [On&On]
I can’t give up. I can’t disappear. There’s
only one thing that I hope for my dream [Icarus]
The sky is so bright but why is my heart cold? If you just extend
your hands once, maybe the world could change [Don’t Wanna Know]
Even if the waves of time take you away, I will
not be shaken. You are the only one I won’t forget [Find You]
That day when everything seemed to fall apart is forgotten.
As if nothing happened I think of that day when I need to laugh [That Day]
Cover my mouth and speak of love, always.
Like a beggar, it makes me forget what kind of person I am [Fade Away]

Original text taken from JYP Official and translated by Olempia Castillo. There may be inaccuracies.

By O.C