MBC’s “Infinity Challenge” confirmed March 31 to be the season end date. With their main producer Kim Tae-ho stepping down from the program, the variety show that kept its spot for the last 12 years is coming to an end.

On March 7, the director of entertainment department at MBC said, “everything that was reported about “Infinity Challenge” is true. We are reorganizing the structure of the program. Choi Haeng-ho PD will take control as the successor of Kim Tae-ho PD. The end date for the program will be March 31.”

He continued, “however, we are still discussing the matter with the members. We would like the members to continue with us altogether, so this is the main discussion point. Nothing is set in stone regarding the leave of the members.”

Meanwhile, the national petition opposing the end of ‘Infinity Challenge’ is pouring in. On Chungwadae’s (the Blue House) national petition board, the citizens are signing petitions opposing the renewal of ‘Infinity Challenge.’

On the board, some are asking the team not use the name ‘Infinity Challenge’ if the original members are not continuing with the program. One petitioner said, “Infinity Challenge without the original members will not be the same. If you want to end the show, do not use the same name for the renewed program.” Another said, “I don’t understand MBC. If you want to change everything about the program, then just end the show in grace and start anew.”

However, some netizens think this is a bit extreme. One said “I was also shocked by the news, but this is not worthy of petitioning to the Blue House.”

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Translated by Dasol Kim