Teen Top’s newest song ‘Without You’ was deemed unfit for broadcast by KBS.

On May 16, KBS updated the list of songs that were qualified to be broadcasted, and it was revealed that Teen Top’s ‘Without You’ did not make the cut. The reason was that the lyrics suggest mental abusiveness and self-abusive behaviors.

A famous South Korean producer, Brave Brothers, composed and wrote ‘Without You’ for Teen Top. A part of the lyrics says, “I might as well be dead if I can’t have you. I might as well be dead,” which seemed to be the problem for KBS.

In exact words of KBS, the lyrics “dilute the seriousness of mental illness such as sexual abuse, suicide, and self-abusive behaviors. In addition, the repetition of such lyrics creates animosity and disgust, and pose threats to the youth’s healthy mental state. Therefore, we have decided it was unfit to be broadcasted on KBS.”

Meanwhile, KBS also banned WINNER’s ‘EVERYDAY‘ because the lyrics included a certain brand, Lotto.

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Translated by Dasol Kim