[Teaser] Zico is Firey and Dark in new ‘ANTI’ (ft. G.Soul) MV Teaser


Shortly before midnight on July 6 KST Zico dropped the teaser for his new song “ANTI” ft. G.soul. The teaser garnered over 70,000 views within six hours and it is definitely easy to see why.

The teaser is dark, firery, intriguing and contains a lot of imagery that can either be seen as destructive and dangerous or a metaphor for renewal or rejection.

The beginning of the clip starts with flames engulfing a collage of childhood photos of the rapper.

A quick shot of a lighter falling on gasoline soaked concrete followed by a animated scene of a cartoon school burning down.

It is after these scenes that we get our first glimp of Zico, turned away from the camera and looking at something in the distance that the viewer cannot see.

A quick montage of the rapper, an intriguing image of a crying cartoon character, a snake and an eye take up the majority of the last third of the teaser and ends with the words ‘Zico Anti’.

Just from the teaser the upcoming MV with former JYPE singer G.Soul can be expected to be intense and LIT (get it? fiery imagery? no? okay.)

This will be Block B member’s second mini album. The mini album, ‘Television’ will be released on July 12. Zico has also revealed through previous teasers that the first two tracks of the new album will be “Genius” and “Artist”.

What do you think of the teaser and how do you interpret all of the different imagery? Let us know!


by Olempia Castillo