Earlier today JYP Entertainment released the Track Card teasers for two song from JJ Project’s anticipated comeback on July 31 with ‘Verse 2’ after a five-year hiatus.

The Track Card teaser feature the voices of the Jinyoung on card 1, and JB on card 2 speaking a line that can only be associated with the songs.

The first card for “Coming Home” was written by Jinyoung and Distract. The track was composed by Jinyoung, Distract, and Secret Weapon who also came together to create the song “Mayday” on GOT7’s ‘Flight Log: Turbulence’ album. Over an gray-scale image of the long road Jinyoung says:

“공허함을 지날 땐 찬바람이 불어와 그리움을 지날 땐 봄비가 내려와”

“When the emptiness passes, the chilled wind blows, when the longing passes, the spring rains come down.”

The second Track Card for the title song “Tomorrow, Today” and was written by JYP, Jinyoung, and JB  and is composed by Collasedone who has worked with GOT7 in the past. The clip feature JB’s voice over a foggy photo of a street sign with red marking in front of farmlands and mountains in the distance where he says:

“오늘도 답을 잘 모르는 질문에 끝없이 답을 해 자신이 없는데”

“Today too I continuously answer questions that I don’t have the answer to, even though I’m not confident”

Check out the clips below.