Taeyeon Leaves Message to Fans on Instagram After Suffering Anxiety Attack in Airport


Tae-yeon recently headed to Jakarta, Indonesia on August 18 to participate in “Countdown Asia Games 2018”, a regional multi-sport event in Asia.

A huge crowd had gathered by the time Tae-yeon arrived at Jakarta Airport, in hopes of catching a glimpse of the singer. But the situation quickly deteriorated to a chaotic one, as can be seen in the two clips below.

In the first clip Tae-yeon clearly looks uncomfortable and is walking with her head down and her arms crossed. In the second clip the singer can barely be seen in the crowd, with only the top of her head occasionally becoming visible.

The entanglement of people unintentionally pushed and shoved Tae-yeon causing her to fall down.

After being safely escorted out of the crowd and away from the airport Tae-yeon posted a lengthy message to fans on her Instagram account stating,

“A very dangerous situation was create at Jakarta Airport — there were so many people that our feet and our bodies became entangled. I fell on the floor, shaking and crying, and couldn’t get up. The local bodyguard must have thought that I was in danger and he lifted me up, and I was embarrasses and shocked by the situation. I was anxious because I was coming into contact with bodies behind and beside me — I could not find any order around me — and there were some people who waited for me and fell in the same way, so my heart does not feel good. I don’t think it was intentional, but somebody kept touching and pulling on my body, buttocks, and chest. I felt overwhelmed and confused. So my arrival in Jakarta, a place I have not been in while, did not go very well. I am so sorry for the fans who waiting, but please keep the order so that we do not get hurt. We have fans who are more loving, positive and understandable than anyone else. I hope for no one to get hurt.”

The is situation served to underline the growing challenge that entertainment agencies are coming across when it come to the safety of their artists as they gain fans globally.

What are your thoughts on the situation? How can agencies guarantee the safety of their artists who are participating in official schedules? Let us know!

By O.C