Rappers Swings and Giriboy have joined forces and became one of the producer teams for “Show Me The Money 777”

On July 2, Mnet’s survival program “Show Me The Money 777” announced the first line-up for the producer teams. For the first producer team, rappers Swings and Giriboy have decided to join forces.

As soon as the line-up revealed, much anticipation arose as what kind of synergy these two will create. Swings and Giriboy commented, “we hope to make a great picture through “Show Me the Money 777″ with the new contestants.”

Swings is one of the well-known rappers in South Korea. However, he recently gained rather atrocious recognition for his artists C Jamm and Bill Stax getting charged with illegal marijuana usage. Giriboy, on the other hand, is popular for his experimenting music, always aiming to lead the latest hip hop trend.

The program’s production team said, “Swings and Giriboy are artists who have the ability to lead the South Korea’s hip hop scene. Furthermore, they are one of the teams that contestants have shown preference.”

“Show Me the Money 777” will begin airing in September, and anyone can register to participate through the official e-mail and homepage until July 7.

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Translated by Dasol Kim