Suzy shows off her legendary visuals in new photo teasers for upcoming album Faces of Love.

Suzy Sober
Image source – JYP Entertainment

JYP Entertainment released more teaser photos of Suzy on the 21st in the run-up to her new album’s release. The four photos, which depict a duality in color and composition, hint at the concept of “SObeR” and “Good Night to My Share” (literal translation).  All the images have the characteristic elegant charm that Suzy naturally exudes.

Furthermore, in the photos for “SObeR” Suzy dons bold makeup with bright lips and a heavy liner around her eyes. The bright colors and elegant, eye-catching clothing coupled with the make-up exudes a radiant and alluring feeling.

In contrast, for “Good Night to My Share” the singer modestly poses with a bare face in the other pictures. More, she looks innocent in casual clothing, returning to her “girl next door” look.

Additionally, the release of these photos follows the teasers for “Holiday” and “Loving a Different Person” (literal translation). “Holiday” is the title track for the new mini album and will be released on January 29. On the other hand, the other teased track will be pre-released on the 22nd.


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