Super Junior’s Eunhyuk has confirmed to lead a batch of aspiring idols on a new debut survival program, “Under 19”

On October 4, a source from MBC’s upcoming idol debut project program “Under 19” announced that Super Junior’s Eunhyuk will join the program as its performance director.

The source said, “please look forward to the meeting between Eunhyuk, the main dancer of a K-pop boy group that led the Hallyu wave across the globe, and participating teenagers, who aspire to be just like him.”

Furthermore, the source continued to explain why the program has chosen Eunhyuk as one of its mentors. They said, “we determined that Eunhyuk is the perfect choice because not only has his group Super Junior left an impressive mark in the history of K-Pop, he is also the icon to represent idols in charge of performance.”

At the end, they said, “performance plays an important role when it comes to becoming an idol. Therefore, after a much thought and consideration, we picked Eunhyuk as our director in performance.”

Meanwhile, “Under 19” is a new audition program that hopes to launch a global K-Pop boy group at the end. The participants will compete in three different categories – rap, vocal, and performance. At the end, the best contestants from each category will form a group to represent the next generation of K-Pop.

“Under 19” is set to premiere the first week of November. A total of 57 teenagers, 19 in each category, have already taken the pictures for their official profile on October 1.

Image Source – SM Entertainment

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Translated by Dasol Kim