K-pop boy group Super Junior’s project group, Super Junior-D&E are heading off to Japan for a tour concert.

SM Entertainment

On May 14, Super Junior-D&E unveiled its plan to release a new album in three years, as well as a tour schedule in Japan, which will start in September.

The duet’s third Japan tour, following SUPER JUNIOR D&E THE 1st JAPAN TOUR 2014 and SUPER JUNIOR D&E JAPAN TOUR 2015 -Present-, the upcoming concert will be held in 7 cities with 17 shows.

Along with the tour, Super Junior-D&E is treating their fans with a new album. The new album will have previously released tracks like “Here We Are,” “You Don’t Go, “If You,” “Circus, “Lose It,” and “Can I Stay,” as well as new songs that will show the harmony of Donghae and Eunhyuk.

Previously, Super Junior-D&E placed their name of the second place of Oricon Weekly Single Chart with the Japan debut single “Oppa, Oppa” in April 2012. Their popularity was continued with the first full-length album in Japan “Ride Me,” which was released in February 2014.

“We’re excited to be able to meet our fans in Japan in a long while,” said member Eunhyuk. “We’re preparing much to make the show enjoyable, so please come to meet us at the show.”

Details about Super Junior-D&E’s new release and the tour will be available on Super Junior’s official social media channels in Japan, official website, and the official fan page.


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